Tramayes: a community management with a focus on sustainable development

Wood boiler on heat network operated by public authorities in the commune of Tramayes

Wood boiler on heat network operated by public authorities in the commune of Tramayes

Published by Yannick Régnier on 20.09.2010

The commune of Tramayes (1,000 inhabitants) is situated in the department of Saône-et-Loire, in the South of the Bourgogne region. Tramayes is a rural farming commune. However, its position as the administrative seat of a canton and its relative distance from towns such as Cluny and Mâcon have made it into a center for very intense trade, artisanal and associative activity. The service offer is very complete, particularly in the medical sector (the local hospital is the main employer).

In terms of a climate-energy policy, the Tramayes commune is atypical. It could make its own this well-known advertising slogan: “those who talk the least do the most”. The commune, under the impulse of its mayor Michel Maya, multiplies concrete projects, in all areas of competence.

Actions carried out

  • Heat production: Implementation of a community wood waste boiler of 1.2MW, covering the community centre, the nursery school, the town hall and the municipal workshops, the multi-sport center changing rooms and the local hospital (95 beds) through a heat network. There are plans for the further connection of around forty homes to be built on a future estate.
  • Communal buildings: Following the energy audit of all the buildings run by the town, each center of energy consumption has been identified and quantified. The first of a long list is the community center which has benefitted from a thermic renovation (outside insulation, replacement of all French windows, and the creation of a double door entrance).
  • Urbanism: A 50% exoneration of the property tax (the municipal portion) over 5 years for new constructions with high energy performance.
  • Public lighting: Installation of astronomy clocks to replace photovoltaic tiles, complete shutdown of public lighting from midnight to 5:00.
  • Sanitary hot water production by solar cells, to address the summer needs for showers in the multisport center, to enable the cessation of the communal branch of the heat network and thus avoid the associated on line / grid losses during that period.

Many other projects will be launched, but it is necessary to program them for financial or availability reasons. All these energy reports on community buildings show on examination, that among other things, there is significant progress margin with the “old walls”.

Coming projects

  • Public lighting: Continuation of research on energy efficiency by changing light bulbs and lamps.
  • Electricity production: The commune has a multi-sport center built in 1987. It is not frequently used in winter as it is not heated. Condensation phenomena in the roof (made from sheet metal) have also been noticed, and the resulting humidity makes the ground slippery and dangerous. To make the center usable, the commune is considering the fitting of roof insulation. In order to partially finance the operation, roof works could include fitting solar panels.
  • Heat production: Because of the distance, the elementary school and the Associative Activity center located higher in the village could not be connected to the heat network. Therefore, today the substitution of fuel boilers by wood boilers is being considered.

Raising awareness among citizens and local representatives

It is important to notice that sustainable development does not represent a sub- category of the commune's website, but is its only object. All survey documents (Local urbanization plans, energy audits) are available online. Furthermore, various audio multimedia supports from conferences in which Tramayes participated can be viewed.

The commune also participated last October 24th in the Day of the Night, an event in which the CLER was a partner. But above all, Michel Maya has encouraged his peers to do the same thing, by informing other mayors of Saône-et-Loire about Tramayes' action on public lighting, through a letter addressed to and relayed by ERDF South Bourgogne.