Why become a member of the network of positive energy territories?

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For members, belonging to the network satisfies several objectives:

  • Capitalising on and sharing the territories’ diverse experiences
  • Committing to becoming a positive energy territory and raising public awareness of this commitment
  • Promoting their points of view regarding energy vis-à-vis institutions and public authorities.

To this end, the network provides its members with operational tools and opportunities for exchanging views and experiences.


The objective of the network is to use exchanges and meetings between its members to facilitate the launch of global energy policies in rural areas and to help to build a reserve of shared knowledge and skills among its very diverse stakeholders.

To this end, network members help to clarify, make understandable and highlight the diversity of problems, issues and approaches that motivate them in their objective of becoming a positive energy territory. That is why the activities within the network will always apply to all members (from all three groups) simultaneously, with a view to opening up and sharing different approaches and experiences.


Participation in the network commits a community to an objective, values and principles that are based on signing the charter. This demonstrates the willingness of communities and rural areas to act with regard to energy issues and illustrates the pivotal role that they can and should play in this field.

In order to make their commitment public, all members are encouraged to state their membership in the network of positive energy territories by using the “positive energy territories” brand (verbal and figurative logo), with a view to making known its existence and activities.

In this regard, the consistency of the initiatives established at a local, regional, national and European level helps to increase visibility and understanding of the activities of positive energy territories.

Finally, local communities and areas that are members of the network can gain recognition of their progress as a positive energy territory and benefit from this individual “quality mark” as a sign of their commitment.


The potential of rural areas (in terms of resources and dynamism) in the field of energy is very high but largely remains misunderstood and underestimated. Consequently, numerous decisions are made at national and European level without considering local communities, areas and stakeholders, and rural areas as a whole.

Driven by the commitment of its members, the network is working to achieve better political representation for rural communities and regions on energy issues. It disseminates opinions aimed at shaping a new energy landscape. It promotes improved consistency and synergy in legislative and regulatory initiatives at European level (via the European network Rurener) and at national level. It encourages people to consider the specifics of urban and rural environments, while also promoting conditions for renewed solidarity between urban and rural areas, with the aim of ensuring greater territorial cohesion.