Governance and management of the network of Positive energy territories

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In accordance with its statutory aims, CLER, the network for energy transition, incorporates the network of positive energy territories, an internal section that does not have legal personality.

The network of positive energy territories has a board responsible for monitoring and steering its activities. Today, the network is managed by CLER.


The network has a board that is responsible for monitoring and steering its activities, initially composed of the founding members of the various groups. Non-founding members are gradually joining the board.

The board has the following tasks:

  • to determine the strategic focus of the network in order to advise the members who are involved in its organisation;
  • to monitor members who are involved in the organisation of the network and who are earmarked for potential collective financing on behalf of the network;
  • to elaborate the stance of the network and to determine how its name and image will be used;
  • to accept or refuse the participation of new candidates in the network and if necessary to announce the exclusion of a member from the network for non-adherence to the charter or other serious reason.


At national level, CLER manages the network of positive energy territories in collaboration with the board.

Any other member can participate in the management of the network, if they have the means, at all levels (local, departmental, regional and national). Management offers will a priori be considered favourably, in accordance with the rules of governance as defined at each level (for example, in accordance with the internal rules for the network of positive energy territories at national level in France) and between action levels, and with due respect for the principle of subsidiarity. The managers at the various levels must keep each other informed of their activities.

Furthermore, any member can, if they so wish, participate in financing the activities of the network. However, the board must approve all offers of management and structural financing for the network. In order to do so, appropriate proposals must be submitted in advance.