Renovating low energy homes in the Biovallée - to the strains of DORéMI

Groups of craftsmen manage the renovation of homes in the view to reduce their energy consumption

Groups of craftsmen manage the renovation of homes in the view to reduce their energy consumption

Published by Biovallée on 2013. 12. 26.

Put in place by Biovallée, Dorémi is an operational tool for the energy renovation of private houses. The aim of this concept is to train building firms in carrying out high-performance thermal renovation, with the aim of achieving Class A energy consumption.


DOREMI applies to 102 communes in the Biovallée. The professional building associations CAPEB and FFB, the négaWatt Institute and Néopolis are specialists in providing training on sustainable development. They offer building professionals training in how to achieve high-quality, energy-efficient renovation. These associations offer home-owners free advice when carrying out renovation works. Biovallée offers help in compiling the paperwork needed to request financial assistance.


Olivier SIDLER (négaWatt Institute – ENERTECH engineering office), expert of low energy housing


The aim is to renovate 100 houses per year up to 2015 and then 600 after 2020, in order to help halve energy consumption in the valley. This operation will generate 150 jobs per annum and €1,260,000 p.a. in VAT, while reducing households’ exposure to the vagaries of the energy market.

Pilot sites have been launched in the Biovallée since September 2012.


In the call for submission of projects “Local initiatives for energy-efficient renovation” the Ministers for Ecology and Housing awarded the 1st prize “Support for professionals” to the Biovallée for its implementation of the DORÉMI tool in the region (see the full list of prizewinners for 2013 ).

This call for projects was aimed at identifying and encouraging all initiatives and processes, with the objective of promoting energy-efficient renovation of housing in a general sense, both in terms of quality and quantity. These initiatives may include disseminating information and raising public awareness, providing support while the works are being carried out, developing financial tools and mobilising professionals.