How to obtain recognition as a positive energy territory

Publikoval(-a) Yannick Régnier dne 16.12.2013

The communities aiming for the objective "100% renewable" by addressing energy with a local development approach can follow certain steps in order to obtain recognition as a positive energy community.


Step 1: Membership of the network of positive energy communities

All information required for membership of the network of positive energy communities can be found here.

Step 2: Self-evaluation by candidate

Each criterion requires two elements: a brief description (short text) and the level of progress (value from 0 to 3). These two details must be provided by the community.

In a peer comparison, the communities themselves define an appropriate interpretation of the field with the various suggested criteria. For each criterion applicants must enter a short, comprehensible description of their actions and assign the appropriate level of progress based on their own critical analysis and an evaluation aid.

A collaborative precedent is derived from the self-evaluation carried out by the first active communities. The mode of operation adopted does not foresee the involvement of a jury or the need to have recourse to external expertise.

The 3 stages of self-evaluation:

  1. Register (or login) as user
  2. Select your community
  3. Click "Commit" and then enter the relevant quantitative ("energy data") and qualitative data ("criteria")

Validation of results as part of continuous improvement

The annual re-evaluation process consists simply of updating the quantitative ("energy data") and qualitative ("criteria") data for your community.

The 3 stages of re-evaluation:

  1. Login as user
  2. Select your community
  3. Click "Update data", then modify the quantitative ("energy data") and qualitative ("criteria") data as needed

If there is no quantitative progression in renewable energies and energy savings (indicator: percentage of renewable energies in total energy consumption) over a period of 3 years starting from the initial date of the project, the community will lose its recognition.


Recognition as a positive energy community constitutes a “quality mark”. In return for their commitment, communities can make use of their recognition by using the brand name (“positive energy community – name of community”) and the graphic (customised logo for the community) to indicate the territorial scope of the positive energy community brand.

The exact conditions of use for the brand are defined in a brand licence, which is signed by the relevant community and by CLER, the umbrella organisation for the network of positive energy communities.