The Biovallée® (Drôme) adheres to an ambitious global process for an ecologigal project for the territory

Sky view of the Drôme river

Sky view of the Drôme river

Publikoval(-a) Yannick Régnier dne 03.07.2012

The Biovallée® encompasses 4 communities of municipalities and 102 towns in the Drôme valley and covers a third of the surface of the department of the Drôme. This territory’s great project is to become a national reference in terms of sustainable development and even a model of alternative environmental human development. This valley benefits from an abundance of natural resources and generates a biomass with a variety of biodiversity at a scale which is almost unique in Europe.

The initiative is supported by the Rhône-Alpes region, the department of the Drôme and the ADEME. Public policies and citizen-led initiatives will be structured round three major axes:

  • developing a reference territory,
  • developing the economy of the region through its bio-resources and eco-activities,
  • welcoming research and training activities.

The ambition of the terriotorial project

The challenge is to preserve the resources while using them to fulfill the primary needs of the population: drinkable water, food, housing, energy, health, quality of cultural and social life… The objectives of the union of these communities of municipalities, as defined in an agreement protocol on October 8, 2010, are ambitious:

  • organic farming will cover 50% of farmland;
  • community restaurants must consume 80% of local and organic products by 2015;
  • a commitment to using local, clean and sustainable energy (100% renewable energies for households in 2020);
  • a 50% cut in waste processed in treatment centers;
  • the end of urbanization of farmland from 2015;
  • the development of high level training in sustainable development from 2011.

Furthermore, the towns have made the INDDIGO consultant office responsible for the preparation of various forecasting scenarios for 2040. For this current study the inhabitants of the Biovallée® and the student members of the junior-enterprise Idées Territoires have been invited to make their opinions known, and to co-develop this road-map.

Concrete actions for local development

These targets were transformed into concrete actions as early as 2010: advice to individuals wishing to save energy and to get involved in eco-construction or energy production, advantages obtained through renewable energy installations, assistance for the introduction of organic farming activities...

The first investments supported by the project have emerged: Thermic rehabilitation of the Martouret center in Die, construction of a conference hall and development of an 80-house eco-district in Loriol…

In order to answer the objective of reduction of energy consumption, Biovallée© has implemented an energy renovation plan for constructions with opération DORéMi (Operational Infrastructure for the Renovation of Individual Housing).

Additionally, a support program for eco-activities has been launched. This decision was responsible for the creation of the écosite du Val de Drôme at Eurre, an eco-activity park located on the site of the old TGV works base.