Become a member of the network of positive energy territories

Published by Yannick Régnier on

The transformational impact of positive energy territories is based on the political, strategic and systematic aspects of the commitment of communities, rural areas and local stakeholders who participate in the activities and are members of the network.

The steps to becoming a member of the network are as follows:

1. Read the charter of the network of positive energy territories, the charterrules of procedure and the statutes of CLER (which "hosts" the network of positive energy territories) to ensure that you agree with them.

2. Check whether it is possible to sign up your community (or your structure) in the network. NB: only legal persons can become members of the network. The list of members is published.

3. Identify two sponsors from among the network members  (one must be from the founding members). NB: contact us if you have difficulty in finding sponsors.

4. Fill out the application for membership and send it to the network. NB: you must describe your current and future activities regarding energy, your intentions with regard to the network and your proposals for contributing to its operations.

Participation in the network is subject to approval by the board. We therefore ask for your patience while you wait for your registration to be approved.